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What Is The Internet?

What is the Internet?

What is the Internet? Global communication is simple now thanks to a worldwide linked computer network that we call the Internet. In less than 21 years, the Internet has grown…

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Cyprus Website Design

Cyprus Website Design

How to design a successful website Each website design project begins with a plan. Register a Domain Name for your website and then start with an idea of how many…

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Cyprus SEO Link Strategy

SEO Link Strategy

Why is link strategy important for SEO? Google and other search engines use your links to identify what content on your site is related. It uses these links to build…

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Cyprus VoiP PBX CRM

PBX VoiP CRM Integration

Benefits of Voip CRM Integration Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are a critical tool to gain a business advantage. They allow you to track and analyse interactions with clients. VoiP…

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Cyprus PBX VoiP Telephony

VOIP Future – 2019

VOIP is presently bigger than ever and it's future is set for exponential growth in 2019. As one of the most spoken about technologies in the business world, it has…

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Cyprus SEO

SEO – get ranked!

Getting to the top of any search engine search result using SEO strategies can mean the difference between success and failure. Neglecting your online digital marketing & SEO strategy leads…

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Cyprus Pbx Voip Telephone System

Cyprus PBX under the hood

Conventional telephone systems have changed drastically over the last decade or so, this is obviously true for all technology. In this post I will discuss a few inner workings of…

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Wireless Internet

How fixed wireless internet works

Wireless internet Ok, so some may wonder how fixed wireless internet service providers (WISP's) operate. Conventional internet broadband is mostly delivered over a copper twisted pair cable, for example, like…

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