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Cyprus VoiP PBX Telephone Provider

Our highly flexible telephone system incorporates a rich feature list that will facilitate your every requirement. Choose from pure cloud hosted PBX or on premise PBX. For home customers no PBX is needed, just ask us for a home account.

VoiP PBX Features

With options such as voicemail to email, missed calls to email notification, time schedules, ring group & hunt groups, music on hold, auto-attendant, free distributed office to office dialing and a mobile app allowing you to take your office calls on the go!

Personal VoiP accounts

No cost for setup. Pay for your number per month and we’ll help you get set up with a desk home phone, mobile app or PC app.


Our PBX system allows for multi routing (value or prime) and you get to choose which to use on any call. Rates to land lines in the UK or US will cost a mere cent per minute, likewise for calls to most countries land lines, mobile rates are slightly higher but still beat rates from all the opposition. No contracts required, low monthly lease and you can choose a local or international number.

VoiP CRM integration

Our hosted PBX has options for CRM integration for SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, SalesForce, ConnectWise and ZohoCRM. For Real-time Calling Data, closed loop analytics, increased efficiency and improved management.

Ease of use

You can pay and view your call rates and call reports online anytime. The service includes training at no additional cost, support is free 24/7.


Monthly cost per Cyprus number is €5. International numbers can vary from €5 to €10 depending on the country number needed.

Business Extensions

Monthly cost per business extension is €3 per month for up to 30 extensions, then €1 per extension thereafter.


Our support is 24/7  and free for our VoiP customers. Please visit our new website dedicated to our Cyprus PBX facility.

Our voicemail works conventionally, so as well as being able to pick up your voicemail directly from your phone, you also have the option to have voicemails emailed to your given email address, where you will receive the number of the caller as well as an audio file that you can listen to immediately.

Install the mobile app, your mobile duplicates your office handset, when your office phone rings your mobile app will also receive the call, which means you are always available via your office extension, also allowing you to make calls from the app as if you were at your desk!

Our VOIP system allows for conventional fax machines. We also offer an option to receive a fax on a designated fax number. Which then converts the fax to document and emails it to your given email address. You can also perform the reverse where you send an email with a document and the destination.

Auto-attendant means a recorded greeting with options for the caller, i.e. “press 1 for accounts, press 2 for sales..”. Ring groups allows for multiple extensions to all ring consecutively. Or have a hunt group dial particular extensions in order or using an agent logic. Call-center intelligence at it’s best.

Set time schedules to perform different functions at different times, i.e. weekend forwarding/dialing, public holidays and/or out of hours logic.

Secure conferencing with pass-code, have your business meetings anywhere!

Let us know your requirements – and our team will contact you promptly.

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