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VOIP Future – 2019

VOIP is presently bigger than ever and it’s future is set for exponential growth in 2019. As one of the most spoken about technologies in the business world, it has brought unparalleled mobility to business communication. VOIP developers are racing to develop the technology and one needs to know what is ahead for 2019.

Faster mobile networks supporting the case

With 5G and LTE gaining traction, the quality of VOIP will increase several fold. Reductions in issues relating to call jitter, echoes and packet loss will subside substantially. With this, freedom for the workforce to work remotely will increase.

Automated systems with high levels of intelligence

The protocols for VOIP are evolving to detect and counteract network and latency issues. The codecs are now sophisticated enough to lower and elevate the call quality accordingly. Licensing and royalties for the G.729 codec are no longer needed and many platforms now offer this free from cost.

In the near future automated voice assistants are expected to rise in sophistication. At present they can deal with simple commands and customer interactions. Future progression is to add analysis to conversations and speech patterns to glean insights for marketing purposes. Answering handled by artificial intelligence results in allocating dedicated human resources for more complex operations.

PBX security

With internet phone systems being accessible remotely, the need for security will increase. In a fast growing market expect heavy investment in firewall technology catering specifically to VOIP protocol security.

Say goodbye to the old systems

Analysts predict a heavy drop off in use for traditional landline systems. They will continue to operate in a shrinking sector for small business. However, traditional systems can no longer compete with the flexibility of VOIP.


As the growing trend towards VOIP increases, developers will seek out exploiting artificial intelligence to further evolve automated tasks. This will reduce the need for human interaction at the first level of contact. In a competitive business world entities cannot afford to not match their peers within their market space. This will aid in driving small to medium sized businesses to migrate their traditional systems to VOIP platforms.

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