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SEO – Get Ranked!

SEO – get ranked!

Getting to the top of any search engine search result using SEO strategies can mean the difference between success and failure. Neglecting your online digital marketing & SEO strategy leads to business stagnation. I don’t know about you but that’s not good business sense to me…

So what is SEO and how does it work?

Well, it’s the accumulation of several critical components of your website. When put through a search engines algorithm, the outcome of which is where your website lists for certain search terms. Listing on page one is critical and listing in the top three spots on page one is preferable. If you only build a website without doing any SEO optimization, then chances of listing anywhere near page one is unlikely, regardless of your strategy, content, keywords and/or site optimization. Why you ask? Well, in all likelihood whatever market you are in is already loaded with competitors. Some of them have had their SEO strategy in place for some time, their websites have been around longer than yours and have a considerable amount of back-links to their websites.

So how do you compete with a new SEO strategy?

Like anything if you can see what someone else’s strategy is then you can engineer yours to reflect the best performing ones in your market. There are many tools that will show you what back-links your competitors have, what their domain authority is and the keywords they are listing for. So the best way to compete is to run two strategies at the same time, short term and long term. You can use paid for advertising to rank within Google. PPC can tide you over until your long term strategy has come into fruition. Whilst your short term SEO strategy is in play, you can then work on competitor analysis, perform your keyword research to not only include the mainstream keywords but also alternate keywords which you can rank higher for.

Working on producing content on a regular basis carries weight when it comes to Google’s algorithms. Seeking out your markets back-link sources is one of the most important long term strategies you can have. Your website may look fantastic, but good looks are only skin deep. Your site has to avoid duplicate content and insufficient or stale content. Keyword research is your starting block, from there you can build your remaining strategy blocks.

Using Google Analytics and setting goals and conversions will help you understand your traffic. Analytics will help you shape your website and strategies more proficiently.

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