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Paphos Internet Provider
Business Corporate Internet Paphos
Paphos Internet
Paphos Broadband Provider
Paphos hosted Internet Services
Internet Service Provider – Paphos

Paphos Internet Service Provider

Highest Rated Broadband Service offering reliable fast internet services with first class support in the Paphos region. Coverage from Aphrodite Hills to Sea Caves. Using the latest generation internet equipment to bring our customers fast stable broadband internet!

Business Corporate Internet

Business Internet Service Provider

Air Fiber Symmetric connections up to 200mb in designated areas with built in dual connection fail-over. Our business internet Service covers the main parts of Paphos town

Cyprus PBX VOIP Telephone Provider

Telephony - Voip PBX - Provider

Business, hospitality or home, with unbeatable international rates and features such as voicemail to email, mobile App and fax to email. Unleash your telephony

Cyprus Website Development

Website Development

Highly optimized with responsive designs that include secure e-commerce platforms - Designed by our experienced development team

Cyprus Cloud & Data Center

Business Infrastructure Services

Services include email, file, collaboration, network, hybrid cloud and high availability clustering - Giving your business agility

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Regarded as one of the best Internet Service Providers in Paphos, we have built our network on decades of experience building large scale enterprise networks. Utilizing the latest and best-in-class products to supply our customers a premium internet service they can rely on. Our support structure has a well earned reputation for being highly responsive whenever needed. Our coverage has grown vastly throughout Paphos and Fusion is always re-investing to elevate the quality of our internet coverage. Our monthly costs reflect all the savings we make going back to our customers by offering some of the most competitive monthly internet rates. Fusion IT Consultants are a no contracts no quibble pay-as-you-go internet provider.

Paphos Internet

Paphos Internet Service Provider – Delivering internet services to homes and business around the Paphos region. We are a premium internet provider, utilizing the latest generation equipment with the highest grade cabling to assure a quality end user experience. Our install cost is €200, you can then use the service as pay as you go weekly or monthly. No disconnection/re-connection costs, our service includes unlimited bandwidth. You can swap over from any other supplier if your equipment is reusable.

PBX VoiP Telephone Provider

Business intelligent telephone services across Cyprus, we provide VoiP PBX systems to suit your exact requirements. With features such as voicemail to email, fax to email, mobile app, auto-attendant, call center, hunt & ring groups. We deliver competitive rates with enterprise class features for an outstanding VoiP telephony service. Get local or international numbers for as little as €5 per month and additional extensions for €3 per month. Make calls for as little as 1 cent per minute to the United Kingdom! The service includes free 24/7 support!

Corporate Internet Service

Air-Fiber internet, for symmetric connections of up to 200mb, we provide air-fiber internet broadband to businesses and homes in Paphos over fixed point-to-point links. With built in dual connection redundancy that outperforms expectations. This option meets unrivaled performance for businesses where symmetry and redundancy is paramount. Includes 4 dedicated IP’s as standard with additional granted on request. When utilizing the business internet service, options for data center and hosting services are readily available.

Web & SEO Online Marketing

Get online and ahead, from building your digital online presence to getting your website in front of your intended audience. Our developers create responsive e-commerce & service websites with the latest tools, built to enhance SEO. Our market strategy keeps ahead of the online trends, leveraging back-links, content and site structure to produce an effective marketing strategy. Along with Google PPC and analytics, we work with your team to create a tailored SEO blueprint using research tools specific to your business market.

Paphos Internet Speeds

Our main internet connections are through multiple fiber optic suppliers, bringing our customers business class premium internet at affordable rates


Our internet coverage begins at Sea Caves and stops at Aphrodite Hills, we also cover Stroumpi, Polemi, Kathikas and surrounding areas.


We don’t skimp on equipment, our internet installation price includes larger, newer and more robust antenna technology for your and our piece of mind.


Turn your internet on and off as and when you require on a weekly basis, no additional connection or disconnection fees, just pure pay as you go internet.


Our internet service includes outstanding support from our highly experienced engineers.

Home Internet Connections

8 mbs Home
Basic internet connection type for basic home use, entry level internet
12 mbs Home
Basic internet connection type for basic home use, entry level internet
18 mbs Home
Common internet connection for streams and gaming, giving you an excellent internet connection
24 mbs Home/Business
Premium internet for handling multiple streams and gaming as well as used for business applications
34 mbs Home/Business
Premium internet bandwidth for higher demands, excellent choice for high demand applications and business

Business Internet Connections

40 mbs Premium
Premium internet
50 mbs PREMIUM
Premium internet
New Internet Installation
  • Unlimited data usage
  • New AC Generation 2 Roof antenna
  • Static IP
  • Guaranteed low latency
  • Dual Band high performance home router
  • No Contract Pay-As-You-Go, per week or per month
  • Installation time from order – normally 1 business day
  • No land line needed
Transfer from other provider
From €50
  • Dependent on your current equipment
  • €70 to €90 if antenna needs changing depending on size needed
  • €50 if router is needed(Dual Band high performance)
  • €40 if cable needs installing/replacing

New Installations

No contracts – pay as you go – standard full installation – cost €200

Leveraging only the latest generation antenna, highest grade UV protected cabling and the latest Dual Band high performance routers. The latest generation antenna means less radio interference which directly translates to increased connection quality. Generation 2 antennas cost more but that’s what you would want at installation time, a better product. We won’t use cheaper under powered equipment, if you are comparing internet installation prices then paying a little more and getting a better product should be your aim.

Full UV shielded protected cable

Fusion only install the highest quality cable available. Lower end cable has a shorter life span, cracking and drawing in moisture. Replacing cable every couple of years is costly, install the right cable to begin with. Our cable choice costs more, but quality here is paramount.

Moving over to us from a different internet provider?

If you are moving across from another wireless internet service provider (Paphos Region) then there is a change over cost of €50. However, if any additional hardware needs changing then this will be charged additionally. An on site assessment will be needed to see if additional changes are needed.

Unlimited Data - Internet Speeds

Our data is unlimited – Our speeds start at 8mb and go up to 24mb for home use. Higher speeds are achievable but it’s dependent on the properties location. Fusion has customers on 50mb home internet connections in some locations. Fusion IT also supply custom business internet connections of up to 200mb and use fiber optic at HQ so your connection will outperform standard home connections.


There are different options for installations such as different routers or additional Access Points within the home, so if you require a larger internet coverage for larger homes or business areas, we can install Unifi AP’s where needed.

About Us - Highest Google-Rated Service Provider

Fusion IT Consultants is a Paphos based Broadband Internet Service Provider. Offering Internet broadband services to the region for over 10 years. Fusion’s coverage is excellent and its infrastructure well established. With excellent coverage and utilizing the latest generation of equipment to bring our customers an excellent service they can rely on. We pride ourselves on our support and are always available to our customer base.

Fusion IT’s Internet service is the highest Google rated in Paphos! Not just because of a great service but also due to our exceptional support team!

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