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Fusion Fibre Optic Internet
What you need to know

Fusion and Cyta

Fusion is now working with Cyta to deliver their Fibre products.

A Fibre connection through Fusion will utilize an AX1800 router.


Our installation cost, including the AX1800 router is €90, if the customer has an existing AX1800 router with us then installation cost is €40. Installation takes 2 weeks from signing the order form, we then splice Fibre from the external Cyta demarcation to the internal demarcation point within the property.


The end user will be able to temporarily disconnected/suspended for up to 6 months every year. The period of suspension does not have to be continuous within the year. For instance, it may be for 6 weeks during summer, 4 weeks during autumn and so on. There is no temporary disconnection fee, but only a reconnection fee of €5.95.

Deactivation needs to be given in writing/email 2 weeks prior. If deactivation is not carried out correctly by the customer then any duration that has remained active will continue to be charged and any outstanding amount is payable by the end user.

Fusion Backup Connection

As an added benefit, if the customer has a pre-existing Fusion antenna on the roof, they can continue keeping this active as a backup to the Fibre for an additional €3 per month. This way if there is ever an issue on the Fibre connection, you can connect your router to the Fusion roof antenna and continue working until the Fibre service is restored. This is only available if the Fibre connection is directly with Fusion.

Price reduction voucher

For new Fiber installations that had no pre-existing fiber to the home, there is a voucher from the EU & Cyprus Department of Electronic Communications that subsidies the connection by €10 per month. This can only be granted through application and will only pertain to 12 months and then cease. So for example a 200Mbs connection which costs €40 per month will effectively amount to €30 per month for the first 12 months and then revert back to €40 per month from the 13th month and onwards.

To register your interest in getting connected to Fibre please click the button below and fill out our online form. Most of central Paphos, Tala, Chloraka, Kamares, Geroskipou and Empa are ready for immediate installation. Other areas are due in the next quarter. In Peiya & Coral Bay Fibre is expected during 2024.

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