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Paphos Internet Broadband Questions & Answers

Q: Do we limit the amount you can download?

  • No, we do not limit your usage at all.

Q: Do we block any websites or services such as torrents?

  • No, services such as torrents and browsing are unrestricted.

Q: Does our wireless internet service cover all of the Paphos area?

  • Yes, for Paphos we have coverage from Aphrodite Hills all the way to Sea Caves.

Q: What does the installation include?

  • The installation includes your wireless rooftop antenna, home wireless router and cabling.

Q: Does our wireless internet service include any alert/service monitoring?

  • Yes, all our access points and core routers are monitored, if any fail we receive a message immediately, we can even put your home router into monitoring mode if needed.

Q: Does our wireless internet service have any fail-safes built in?

  • Yes, all our access points are connected to UPS’s, we also have multiple internet lines and we carry backup hardware of all our critical components.

Q: If I already have wireless equipment from another provider, will I have to pay to join your service?

  • Yes, we charge €50 if you already have a Ubiquiti roof antenna, if you do not have the correct equipment then we will charge additionally for new equipment.

Q: Do I need to pay any deposit at all?

  • No deposit required.

Q: What if I no longer require internet?

  • We offer a €50 buy back on the equipment.

Q: What if I’m away for a month, do I still need to pay for my internet subscription?

  • No, but you will need to let us know when you want the service stopped/started. We do not do this for one, two or three days etc. You need to be away for a minimum duration of one week.
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