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Cyprus Cloud data center


Cyprus Hosted Cloud and Data Center Services

Services connected directly to your network or located off-site in our Data-Center, or both locations in hybrid-mode, providing Data Services – Email – Unified Communication and above all, security!

Bringing your team together anywhere anytime through online services, leveraging remote access gateway, secure video conference, robust shared calendaring and contacts with unified messaging.

Why spend your budget on hardware and service costs when we can host those services for you at a fraction of the cost, with hosted services you receive options for data retention, data backup, and effectively your very own technical support team at your service, let us keep your infrastructure secure, up-to-date, backed up and maintained.

Grow your business with great cost effective services and products and reduce your capital expenditure.

Let us build your email and messaging platform, with our highly configurable server package we can setup your email server to outperform your requirements.

Think of unified messaging as the equivalent of whatsapp for business. Except you have full control of all messaging and data, with the ability to not only have it installed on phones, but on laptops and office PC’s as well. Now imagine business conference rooms within that messaging space, and the team collaboration potential with the ability to file data and updates within that space, welcome to unified messaging!

All businesses rely on their data, and with data comes the need to make sure that data is backed up continuously, and/or duplicated to an alternate storage site for disaster recovery. Can your business survive if it lost all it’s data for an extended period? We offer all options, we can host your data and make sure it’s continually backed up and copied off-site, or we can be your off-site partner. We utilize the latest in data services through VPN to keep your data safe and always available.

Need a server without the high expense of actually buying the hardware? We have virtual private servers for lease, they reside on our high-availability clusters within our data center and offer symmetric internet connections of your choosing with built in dual-wan fail-over.

Remote access gateway allows for browser based access to PC’s within your network or the cloud, you read that right, connect to your PC from any other browser capable device from anywhere in the world. With remote access gateway you can deploy virtual PC’s for your team, no VPN needed here, just open a browser and remotely access your office PC!

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