Internet Unified Messaging - SIP

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The history of SIP!

VocalTec changed the game in 1995 when it released the Internet Phone - basically pioneering the VoIP revolution. Considered as the first commercial VoIP service, the fees charged by the company was still a fraction of the price for international and long distance calls charged by telephone companies at the time.

The Session Initiation Protocol was created in 1996 by Mark Handley, Henning Schulzrinne, Eve Schooler and Jonathan Rosenberg. It was initially designed as a communications protocol to signal and control multimedia communication sessions. These days, SIP is most commonly used for internet telephony like voice and video calls.

Released in August 1996, the Nokia 9000 Communicator was a game changer. Considered to be one of the first commercial smartphones, the Communicator provided all the functionality of a desktop, from email to web surfing, all in the palm of your hand.

From the Past to the Present

Skype took what VocalTEc started with VoIP and ran with it. Launched in August 29, 2003, the software would revolutionize the way people communicated through their computers, using voice and video to give a new profound experience to its users. Most importantly, the service was free.

The growth of Unified Communications accelerates in the 21st century. A concept which involves the integration of voice, email, instant messaging and video conferencing, among others, UC adoption is on the rise, with 44% of businesses having deployed or are in the process of deploying a UC solution in 2015, according to XO.

There were about 340,000 wireless subscribers in the US in 1985. That's about 0.1% of the total number in 2015 at 300,000,000, according to CTIA! Data on global mobile subscription in 2017 by GSMA intelligence puts the total number at 4.9 billion in 2017!

The Internet of Things will eventually take over, with Gartner forecasting that 20.8 billion connected things will be in use around the world by 2020.

VoIP will continue to disrupt telecommunications, grabbing a bigger slice of the pie. Zion Research predicts the industry to be worth above $140 billion by 2021, a huge jump from its $83 billion market value in 2015.

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