Fiber Optic where you need


Fusion's fixed wireless airfiber internet solution uses digital microwave technology as a fast, effective delivery method for carrier-grade Ethernet connectivity supporting Voice, MPLS, VPL and Internet services. This technology delivers high-capacity applications in private Metro Area Networks and is currently available in the Paphos area. 

And now you might be asking yourself, “Why would I be interested in Fixed Wireless?” That’s a great question, and I’ve got a few answers that might help.

You’d be interested in Fixed Wireless technology because it’s…

Fast: Fixed Wireless offers dedicated connections with speeds up to 1 Gigabit. Highly-available network connectivity is a key business driver for improved corporate productivity, overall customer satisfaction and top-line growth and a Fixed Wireless solution can provide that connection quickly.

The install interval for Fixed Wireless is 15 days or fewer, depending on your roof and riser access. Since the infrastructure is 100% owned by Fusion, we control the install intervals and time frame. Additionally, you won’t incur high build-out costs and long installation intervals associated with regular fiber installs.

Reliable: Our technology uses a fixed beam or transmission from one radio to another. This is different than wireless technologies that support mobile phones, which can lose connectivity when moving from cell site to cell site.

Secure: The network diversity over Fixed Wireless Ethernet provides increased network security and reliability—at Fusion, we know that your business can’t afford downtime, as it’s not only frustrating for employees, but it can damage your profitability, customer perception and business goals.